Cerebral Palsy And Its Treatment During Pregnancy

Research have shown that, there has been diverse cause of cerebral palsy but still many cases are out there that can’t be defined under one cause. Thanks to advancement in medical science and technology like MRI and CT scans that has improved diagnostic capabilities and made the cases much lower.

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Clearing Myths Related to Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is an umbrella term given to various disorders affecting the entire body movement, balance, and posture. It also means brain paralysis. The impairments first appear very early in life (infancy) and later after ages too. One can easily detect the disease as the growth rate in child is very slow. The victim may not sit, crawl or walk comfortably.The disease is related to movement, so, moving becomes a tougher task. Being a concerned society members and with a commitment to help, let’s take oath to assist children suffering from CP. We should never abuse them as this may hamper there brain too.

How to Prevent Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy explains group of brain and nervous system conditions. In India every 3 in 1000 children are suffering from the disease. It is important that pregnant mothers should know on ways to prevent it. There awareness is sure to reduce the cases of Cerebral palsy. The symptoms include non-progressive and non motor conditions that cause physical disability in the child. In the severe case the damage reaches the brain.cerebral palsy treatments

Treatment of Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy treatment starts with taking care. The expected mother needs to take utmost care during the period of pregnancy. A healthy pregnancy ensures that the infant is not affected with the severe disease. Let’s us know some of the preventive measures that need to be taken care during the pregnancy and after…

Quit Smoking: If you are prone to smoking, don’t let it over power your future. During the pregnancy it is important that you quit smoking. There has been many research that shows that children born to healthy and non smoker mothers are healthy as compare to the children born to smokers. In-fact if you are alcoholic or addicted to drugs quit that too.

Take Folic Acid: Doctors often recommend pregnant lady to take folic acid during pregnancy. You should take folio acid before a year of family planning. Folic acids are of great help; it not only lowers the risk of premature delivery but also restrict any birth defects to develop.

* Get yourself vaccinated against rubella because rubella virus can cause birth defects. The immunization should at least take place two month before the delivery

* If any of the parents are having Rh negative means that you need to take extra care during pregnancy.

* Regular treatment and doctor observation is must during these periods

* Make sure you are on very healthy diets. Take supplementary vitamins to ensure the complete diet. Any compensation regarding imbalance diets should be immediately made after doctor’s consultation. Prevention measure is far better than getting affected by the disease. Have a happy living.

The work is not completed after the healthy delivery, as a concerned parent make sure you’re your Cerebral Palsy children is protected from accidents. Head injury may lead to so while traveling keep the head protected.